Thursday, February 20, 2014

Have you ever been to the grocery store, and noticed that everyone in line except for you is paying with food stamps? It's happened to me more than once, and it is rather bothersome, because I often find myself searching through the discount racks because buying groceries can get expensive. Perhaps, it's just a habit I started when I was younger, and in my college days always trying to save money. You know, eating Top Ramen on the fly, mixing in a few extra ingredients, and calling it a snack or a quick meal.
Okay so, I have some ideas for you if you'd like to save money using your Fourth of July barbecue leftovers. There are all sorts of combination dishes you can make, and you really don't need that much. All those old hotdogs you can cut up into small chunks and put them in a creamy type of soup or mashed potatoes. Small chunks of meat like tri-tip can be thinly sliced and used for sandwiches, or cut into cubes and put into chili.
Now then, you might not be able to use the leftover potato salad for very much, and you probably shouldn't keep it for too many days anyway especially if it had been left out for a long time on the Fourth of July because it does go bad quickly, but many of these other foods you can chop up and make into something else. If you have a chicken breast, you can chop it into thin strips for a really nice Italian or Romaine salad. You might also again, chop it into cubes for soup.
The reality is we all do this after Thanksgiving, and we are able to eat turkey sandwiches for the next week or so. There's no reason you can't do the same thing after the fourth of July. Even better, the best time to grow grocery shopping is July 5, because all of the meat, ribs, tri-tip, hamburger, condiments, chips, ice cream, and everything else is all on sale and often marked down by 50% or more.
These are all perfect ingredients to use in soups and salads which you probably want to be eating anyway after eating all that barbecue food, and gaining a few extra pounds. Why not save money, and you can eat just as well as all those people getting their free food with their food stamps. Yep, us regular people don't have to suffer, we only have to eat smarter.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this, consider some of my tips, and e-mail me if you have additional tips for one of my upcoming articles in my food series.


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