Friday, February 28, 2014

While the union continues to fight for safe staffing ratios, we have also taken on wage inequities created by St. Joe's hiring practices.  Our members are aware that some nurses make significantly less than a new hire with identical experience.  We have proposed a system that would bring nurses up if they are paid less than the hiring rate.  We have also proposed a minimum 4% increase for all nurses.  Additionally, we have seeking to significantly improve when overtime is paid, call pay, shift and weekend differentials, additional vacation and holidays among other economic proposals.

Management has respond with a 2% increase each year.  They continue to pursue a proposal that would require nurses to get a Bachelor's Degree or lose their job--without any additional funding for education!  St. Joe's is also proposing removing EIB from the contract, meaning they could make any changes they want, even eliminating it altogether.  It would immediately result in nurses having to use more PTO before receiving the EIB benefit. 

We have heard from our members how important preserving EIB is and we're pushing back.  We have heard from you how important safe staffing is and we're pushing back.  We need YOU to let management know how important EIB is to you!  We need YOU to let management know that you deserve safe staffing and decent wage!

Bargaining continues on Monday, March 3.


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