Monday, March 24, 2014

Management has refused to budge on their proposal to remove EIB from the contract:

Section 11.4 Extended Illness Bank (“EIB”)

Benefit status nurses (.5 FTE status or above) will be entitled to Extended Illness Bank time (“EIB”) after successful completion of ninety (90) calendar days of employment with the Medical Center.

EIB time is intended to be used for a nurse’s personal illness or accident.  There is a two (2) day (sixteen (16) hour) waiting period per occurrence before EIB time may be used for a personal illness.  Accrued PTO time will be used for up to the first two (2) consecutive days (sixteen (16) hours) per occurrence of personal illness or accident.

EIB hours shall accrue each payroll period using the following formula:

               Benefit Status Nurses                     .0462 x eligible hours

The maximum accumulation of EIB time is four hundred eighty (480) hours, or sixty (60) days.  EIB time is not paid upon termination.

In the event that Provena Health makes any system-wide changes to enhance the current EIB Program, all registered nurses covered under this agreement shall be eligible for any EIB Program changes.

[Remove references to EIB section in contract]

Immediately, this means that you will have to use twice as much PTO before using EIB.  Long-term, it means management can change or eliminate EIB as they see fit.  Does anyone think that further reductions in the benefit aren't coming?

Join your union negotiating in telling management "I want my EIB!"


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