Tuesday, April 1, 2014

St. Joe nurses voted 38 to 497 (with two spoiled ballots) to reject management's offer after two days of voting. Many members remarked on the lack of addressing safe staffing, the removal of EIB from the protection of the contract, and the replacing of HE with standby as primary reasons for voting "no."  Others noted that management's proposal had significantly smaller wage increases than the current agreement.

Under the National Labor Relations Act, both parties have a continuing obligation to bargain in good faith.  The Union has demanded to return to the bargaining table so that an agreement acceptable to both sides can be reached.  We're hopeful that management will listen to the message that nurses have sent them.

And if management won't listen?  Then we have to get louder.  And we may have to take our message to the community. One way or another, we will have our voices heard!


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